In home

School Based


Behavior Change and Associates is available to conduct a one tme school consult to help parents evaluate child's school placement. We are also available to conduct regular in school sessions. This can help a struggling child become more successful in this type of environment.


Toilet Training

Caregiver Training


Daily Living Skills

Medical Procedures

Challenging Behavior

ABA Services


Community Integration


In home services are often recommended when the intervention is needed to be implemented in the environment in which the behavior is occurring. This is also beneficial if there are situations that cannot be replicated within a clinic environment.


 At BCA, we believe that caregiver involvement is a critical component to each individual's success. We offer caregiver training sessions so that caregivers have the tools necessary to teach outside of 1:1 ABA sessions. 


Having the skill set to venture into the community, is a pivotal skill that allows individuals a variety of opportunities. At BCA, we provide support and teach in the community to allow learners to function independently, and without limitations


Toilet training is an important skill that has social and hygiene implications. Regardless of age and ability, BCA will help develop a program to increase independence in the bathroom.


From food selectivity to unhealthy portion sizes, BCA can help lead an intervention to a healthier diet and portion control resulting in better eating habits. Changing feeding habits can improve different aspects of an individuals' life. BCA's goal is to focus on critical skills, like feeding, that will lead to life long changes.


BCA can help learners tolerate and complete medically necessary examinations and procedures that can have life changing impact. We do this using research proven methods, customized for each individual. We can the attend medical appointments, or train caregivers, so that the individual is successful at appointments.


Becoming independent in daily living skills,  can lead to more independent living situations and less reliance on others. BCA will work with caregivers to develop an age-appropiate plan to increase each individuals' ability to care for themselves.


Challenging behavior can appear in many forms and for many reasons. BCA will take all factors into account and develop a comprehensive plan to reduce even the most severe challenging behavior.